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Touch BHR Test Post

This is a touch BHR test post from Admin Billy Thieme. Checking to see what works as far a #hashtags and #Categories, and how posting may show up in forums, or on blog pages. Do we have to write blog posts, and then link to them in forums? Or will categorized or #hashtagged posts automatically show up in forums? Do multiple forums share the same Categories? How are forum posts filtered - both #Hashtag and #category? Test, test, test - that's the sailor's way!

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Our senses give us access to experimenting.  We urge you to consider all of the senses, and play with how much you have adapted to the lack of use of these elemental resources.  Remember, as a child, you could use sight and focus on an object for long periods of time, looking, leading to wondering, yet as you grow older, your habits have you often miss the details that could be present.  Taste is something you have stopped using, often times not allowing for you to experiment and try new things, just as much as not moving can cause you poor health or adapting to the lack of your voice will eventually have you become silent.   Our hearing is almost habitually tuned to what we are used to hearing and unlike a child who revels in new sounds, our listening becomes habitual and we begin to consider the world from those habitual thoughts, versus being able to consider multiple points of view.   All of us have had moments where a smell cued a memory, yet how often so we practice the use of our sense of smell with any intention.  It is the one sense that travels directly to a location within our brain.  Yet it is touch that is now considered by many researchers to be the most valuable of our senses.  Touch provides a sense of connection and contentment, (see emotions) and assures us we belong as well as are known.   In some societies, touching between humans is taboo, as well as in countries, as an example the USA legislates touching. The touch we are talking about, is the human-to-human contact AND the ability to use our sense of touch to navigate. Many people we work with describe touch as one of the elemental resources they have stopped using.  


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