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Though instincts such as hunger and pain can be useful as elemental basic human resources (no pain no gain is a phrase often quoted but research shows us we need not have pain to gain and our allowance of hunger to run us unconsciously clearly has consequences), we at BoldLeaders tend to focus on the instinct called fear.  This elemental basic human resource could be one of the most useful we have, yet over time we do our best to push away fear, and attempt to name it something else, or hide from it. This often times leaves us confused and unable to be ourselves, and if labeled something else, can become damaging and even unsafe. Reclaiming the instinct of fear can have it be a valuable resource.  When we let fear be just that - fear - we often times then can deal with the emotions that are associated with our mislabeling of an instinct such as sadness, anger, depression, confusion, irrationality, feeling melancholy, etc.  Fear can be motivating as well as it can peak our ability to observe. It is a means to keeping us safe.

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