God is spirit NOT religion, so NO I am not religious, I am spiritual. My spirituality is a lifestyle, not based on wears and opinions there of others on what they think suits God

You see this is my thing. I am a Christian and the term means follower of Christ and for me that means imitating the lifestyle that of Christ...imperfect as I may be. Now to add on that, you have churches that dictate wear and how u should treat other people, people who lead on their followers to believe that what they say is what is hidden in the Bible and what God wants for and about their lives...even not for Christianity, observe with the movie 'Innocence of Muslims'...it only took a few ears to get across the killing of four innocent people.

"I herd about that movie was shown clips by a friend.. U see I dnt belive in god or religion. U can say I'm spiritual and whatnot. I blv in a higher power. there must be something out there beside my mom or the way I was raised that makes me wanna be a better person and help peeps.. Its tough for me to discribe. I used to believe when I was younger. But to me its braught more heartAche than the "joy its ment to bring". - Anonymous

You see its this exact kind of conversation that lead to the murders and especially in Nigeria in the west and east with Islam and Christianity. They forgot that people that entitled to believe in anything else but their God.

"Its intence stuff. People tend to look at me funny when I say I blv in a higher power and nt god/religion.. Its as if I'm wrong for blving in something that makes me happy/makes sence to me" - Anonymous (yet again)

TOLERANCE and RESPECT is key in a "Religious Society" and that's what still has not been yet grasped. Until then, let who you believe in live through you.
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Comment by Brady Rhodes on October 1, 2012 at 8:00am

What I wonder about is this:  are there some basic human resources at work when a group of people get together and build off each other's energy/anger/whatever that are sometimes so familiar and powerful that other things get clouded?  Is there something common to all of us that has that be a needed thing that we hunger for in some way because it was there at our birth?  I know people get a great feeling when surrounded by others, and in the case of the protests against the film, I wonder if basic human resources got in the way at the same time as they could have been the thing to stop it all.

Comment by Vuyolwethu Heather Dubese on October 3, 2012 at 3:43am
Appreciate the comment Brady ... Indeed when quite a few people have gathered and encircled in toughts and ideas, the accumulation of an action is impregnated especially when driven by a sole purpose, sadly when the engine of it all is blatant apathy and ignorance it suppresses the movement


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