it really is a huge problem and i think we need to find a way to reduse the number of gang related killings in our areas, the 16 year old boy or girl shot in the cross fire of a gang shooting could have been tomorrows leader.

Gangsterism on the Cape Flats 1990s

Crowds gather in Manenberg, Cape Town in the late 1990’s as a hearse, carrying the body of yet another victim of gang violence, drives by. With the formation of PAGAD (People against Gangsterism and Drug Abuse), a Muslim oriented, militant group, which initially formed to eradicate, amongst other things, gangsterism in the Cape Flats, came a surge in gang-related violence. It is widely believed that the group was a front from which many notorious gangsters operated. The increase in gang warfare on the Cape Flats has also been blamed on the import of American gang culture, particularly through the music of the likes of Tupac Shakur (pictured in a banner on the building).

Former leader of the Hard Livings gang, Rashied Staggie, addresses a crowd on the Cape Flats. Many of the men surrounding him were killed in gang-related violence in subsequent years. Staggie was sentenced to an effective 13 years in prison on rape and burglary charges in 2004.






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