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    I haven't really written on here for a while. As I sit here and write, I keep thinking about the quote:

'We become adapted to the lack of use of our human resources and they respond by becoming unfamiliar to us'

  Takes me back to where my journey of being a Boldleader began. To when we were all up at GVR and Michael was talking about this. I remember thinking of how many human resources had become unfamiliar…


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My name is Sewagodimo Ednecia Matlapeng and I am obsessed with programming. It started when I was 15 and three years later it is still the one thing I never have to fight to get myself to do. I can proudly say it completes me

In 2011 when I was in Denver I realized that it was just unfair that other girls around my area were deprived of this privilege for no reason. I was not raised around computers but I have been doing better than most of the people in my class.

So I started…


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Internal Project II:

I am extremely grateful to still be a part of BOLD Leaders because I used to try to find meaning to every thing Michael or Brady said, and I then wanted to analyze that and milk something productive that would make me emotional. 

This new year, I am not really trying to find meaning to everything, because usually the meaning will just come, or maybe not come, and that's ok. Last year I also tried to form a marvelous internal project that would hopefully impress everyone, and in…


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Project Update!

So, once again, I sit here reflecting on my internal projects. Though this time it is to be intentional while traveling in South Africa. T-32 days! Looking back at what I originally said what I wanted to work on, I feel that I have been able to gain insightful knowledge. 

For my first project, I have fell flat. This is the one that I sort of put on the back burner and forgot about. I still feel that this is something that I could work on but it's not the appropriate time right…


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My dear grandmother!!

Today, May 3,2013 marks 8 years that i have lost the love of my life. My precious grandmother Micah Michelle Rose. She meant the world for me and i am truely happy that she is not in a world of pain, suffering and heartache but she is high above the skies watching over me. 

I promised her when i was about to enter high school that I am going to do my very best and I am happy to say that I am making her extremely happy. In the things I have accomplished these thust far:



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Who is now following the DENVER NUGGETS

Hi Everyone, since visiting Denver Colorado I have been following their Basketball team the Denver Nuggets. This team has been doing very well in the post season with a notable win streak comparable to the Heat (27 games) with a 16 game steak and a 22 games at home wining steak. Their are a f…


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Some observations and thoughts...(thanks to my guest from Nigeria!)

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in the BoldLeaders South African and Nigerian exchange program by hosting a girl from Nigeria. Her name was Ifunanya, or Jenny, as we called her.

Though it's been over a week since we said goodbye to our guest, my time with her inspired a few thoughts that I thought I could share.

I think a large potential worry or caution of ours right now is the cultural and lifestyle differences we believe we'll encounter while in Uganda.  While…


Added by Hannah Urtz on April 26, 2013 at 11:01pm — 2 Comments

the food production in DR CONGO

Hi  all the organic fertilizer project is going fine and we had established good network with over 26 cooperatives of urban farmers  who need our product

 the demand  is huge since they  feed over 10 million kinshansa residence and they have tested our product and found is working with their soil


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my internal project

             my  internal project is on being myself. self expression  is a key to respect." nothing is as difficult as not decieving  oneself". the interpretation of this quote gives me a directive. pls comment on this blog becos iam decieving myself a lot alldo i am trying

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Being Vulnerable

I have been watching my mind and feeling my emotions as I move through space/time.  Interesting to see the mind run to so many places.  I just sit still and hold the space of the present moment.

There is an effect of being vulnerable that brings forth the essence of a human being.  It is a sense of standing and delivering what is true for you, for the sake of the act itself and not so much for the truth that is shared.  For me, this is what being bold is about.  Noticing the fear,…


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 I use to have a comfort zone were i knew i will not fail but the same walls of busy works were more like a jail to me,i always tell my self am not bothered about things like dreams,goals and such,i …

 I use to have a comfort zone were i knew i will not fail but the same walls of busy works were more like a jail to me,i always tell my self am not bothered about things like dreams,goals and such,i was not bothered about observing my environment or even listening to people like my life depend on what they are saying.

Now i am ready to make a change even to myself,people around and my entire community and country. 


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Internal Project

Sorry I am really late in posting this. Like most of you all I have been busy with school, sports, clubs and such. I realized I could not handle it all so I decided to quit my school soccer team. Now life is a little easier to handle. That decision relates to my internal project of management.

I'm not exactly sure if that counts as a human resource but it seems good to me. Management is tough for me and probably most teenagers. It is hard to balance everything. Not just time wise but…


Added by Evan Lesmez on April 16, 2013 at 5:58pm — 5 Comments

Internal Project

Sorry this is a little late, I had very little time to get onto the site over break. For my internal project, I chose to re-familiarize myself with the basic human resource of relationships. I have struggled with relationships (not just the kind with guys) and my understanding of people and their decisions. I find myself unable to connect with those my age, I feel like an old woman in a teenagers body, so I crave to better connect with those who are my age and better understand who I will be…


Added by Sophia Rizzolo on April 6, 2013 at 5:30pm — 5 Comments

I am poem

I am.

I am a great friend, a listening ear, and a shoulder to cry on.

I tend to wear a mask thinking it will protect me from the violence happening in life.

I am the one who seldomly seeks refuge in others. 

I am perfectly imperfect. I am me and I love myself. 

I am changing my world with every new person that I meet.

I am a strong and confidant individual. 

I am discovering what my fullest potential is. 

I am.

I am the one…


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So I think I challenged my voice a lot have a lot of smiles on my face ...........Now i'm  now working really hard on listening.....its hard but im trying hard.

So I think I challenged my voice a lot have a lot of smiles on my face ...........Now i'm  now working really hard on listening.....its hard but im trying hard.


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Uganda Research

Some interesting facts I learned about Uganda are the government is a republic, life expectancy is 50 years, and the literacy rate is 67%.  Also, the main religions are Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Muslim.  The population is over 34,000,000 people.  Winston Churchill wrote about Uganda saying, "The pearl of Africa".  Uganda is home to the endangered mountain gorilla which lives in the Ruwenzori Mountains.  English is the official language and there are more than 30 different languages in…


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what was that?

first off, my apologies for this being so delayed. but, the kick off was awesome and it got me so much more excited. I have chosen touch and relationships as my basic human resources that I need to reintroduce myself to. with time, these basics have escaped my knowledge really and I know in order to know myself and reach my full potential, they need to be relearned. I have been practicing listening to people like my life depends on it. sometimes they think something is wrong or that I am…


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Internal Project

     My internal project stems quite a bit from what I hunger for. What I am going to be working on is my sense of self. I am constantly looking to others and trying to improve myself by trying to do what they've done, but I have come to realize that while it is important to improve myself, I am never going to be happy if I live my life like that. I wish to be able to look at myself and be happy with what I see, and to improve my skills by comparing myself to ME, not to anybody else. It's…


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Observations(strangely) of a dog

What would you say if i told you we should be more like dogs? You would probably say,"What a dog, you mad ". Well hear me out . Being that my Grandfather died and theres been alot of strangers coming to offer sympathy i saw my dog do the strangest thing. he ran out and greeted them in a way that he used the basic human resourses he used his VOICE by barking and COMMUNICATED by barking at them(not aggressively but actually calmly) My uncle who he had never…


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Applying knowledge

 I went to an event with my youth group but a misunderstanding arose and everyone was upset. I took the initiative to correct it. It was so great that I used the basic human resource of listening to analyse the problem and mindful language to solve it. And i left them with this "don't let a past experience stop you from making positive change in the future". Thank you BOLDLEADERS, for without you i would have kept silent. 

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