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We are re-developing our Social Network site to better serve all the Bold Leaders in the world.  Check back here very soon to see the new space!  If you are looking for old content, it is still here - sign-in to access your blog, photos and more.


Hello and Welcome!  This is a virtual network of world wide Bold Leaders who are developing their basic human resources and their communities all around the world. The purpose of this space is to connect you with other people who are working on the becoming familiar with the same Basic Human Resources as you are and see what happens.


1. Create your profile - click on "My Page" to the right and add your photo and other information.

2. Join a Regional Group based on the country or region you are in.  This helps you stay informed about events or workshops that may take place around you and to connect with people who may be right next door.

3.  Visit the Forum and find a discussion group that fits your interest about a Resource(s) that you are working on reclaiming

4.  Get yourself on the map!  Fill out the survey below and get yourself on the map below.  Then go look around for others and see what they are working on!

5.  Blog about your successes and challenges

6.  Read some of the More Training posts and see where else BoldLeaders can take you!


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