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Welcome to our ever-developing Social Network site! We're making this site more attractive and full of knowledge to better serve all Bold Leaders - participant, adult participant, curious - all over the world.  Check back here very soon - and very often - to see the new space!  If you're looking for your old content, or other BoldLeaders' - don't worry! It's all still here. Just sign-in to access your or others' blogs, photos and more.


Hello and Welcome!  This space is home to our virtual network of world wide Bold Leaders who are reclaiming and developing Basic Human Resources. The purpose of this space is to connect you with other people who are becoming familiar with these same Resources, just as you are, to give us all a place to connect, share, cultivate and see what happens.


1. Register - if you haven't yet, Register on the Ning site. Welcome!

2. Create your profile - Click on "My Page" in the menu above to complete your profile, add your photo and other information to introduce yourself.

2. Browse the Basic Human Resources - Look through the Basic Human Resources (BHRs) to see which one(s) you see value in reclaiming.  There you will see other people from around the world who are interested in the same thing and where you can share your story, read about other's and get ideas. You will see how people are combining elemental BHRs into compounds, such as curiosity, exploration, critical thinking and creativity.  See what the value has been for them and then share your own experience.   

3. Visit the Resource Forum - Jump into the conversations on the Resource Forum to find - or create, or collaborate with - discussion groups that fit your interests, BHR(s) or paths that others are taking, and that you're working on reclaiming.

4. Get yourself on the map! Fill out the survey below and get yourself on the map below. Then go look around for others and see what BHR(s) they're working on!

5. Come Back Often - Blog often, comment, share with others about your successes and challenges as you study and walk the path to identifying and reclaiming your BHR(s). This will create more interest, community, synchronicity; and it will give us all stories to share!

6. Get More Experience - Visit the Experience page often. Read posts and stories, and dig into opportunities - see where else BoldLeaders can take you!

Bold Leaders in the World - Internal Projects

This is a map showing Bold Leaders all over the world and what Basic Human Resource(s) they're working on reclaiming.  Click on some names, or sort the map by Resource, and find people working on the same things you are. Locate them on the network and ask for their advice!

Internal Project Survey

Recently completed the BoldTalks Workshop?  Or are you a Bold Leader working on reclaiming a Basic Human Resource?  Fill out this quick survey to tell us what you're working on.  Your answers will get you on the map above!

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